Top 10 Holiday Movies

It’s that time of year again, when you or you and your family watch the same movies over and over again, saying your favorite lines often before the characters on the screen say them, gathered around a table full of food, laughing all the way. We all have our favorites, and for our own special reasons, generally because our family made us watch them a million times. Before we go any further, we realize there are other “classics” not on the list and that many of you may consider It’s A Wonderful Life the greatest Christmas film of all time but so does everyone else. Although we agree It’s A Wonderful Life is probably the best made film on our list and one of the greatest motion pictures of all time, we don’t like being like everyone else and this is our list, influenced heavily by what we consider more modern classics. And to note, this list is called the Top 10 “Holiday” Movies instead of Top 10 Christmas Movies not for political-correctness (because we could care less about that), but because Plains, Trains and Automobiles is technically a Thanksgiving film. Here are our Top 10 Holiday Movies…

man zoekt vrouw in Bergen op Zoom 10. The Polar Express – 2004

(Because it’s cute and has cartoon versions of Aerosmith)

abito lungo tally weijl 9. Love Actually – 2003

(Because this movie makes girls happy, and there’s nudity)


abiti per cerimonia invitati 8. Gremlins – 1984

(No explanation needed. This movie’s awesome on multiple levels)


mann søker mann i Risør 7. Home Alone – 1990

(Although this kid’s family is horrible and abusive, the movie is still cute after all these years and I can’t tell you how many times I wished burglars would break into my house when I was 12 so I could beat them nearly to death with my toys…because of this movie)

Home Alone 1

stel zoekt man in Arnhem 6. Die Hard – 1988

(Despite what some of you might think, this movie is on countless “best of” lists, is actually a very well made film and yes, it takes place on Christmas so there)


vestiti eleganti su ebay 5. Bad Santa – 2003

(Because not every Holiday movie needs to be family friendly and Billy Bob Thornton is awesome)

4. Planes, Trains & Automobiles – 1987

(Even if this movie was five minutes long and only consisted of the infamous “f-word scene”, it would still be on this list, because although we love everything about this movie, that scene is one of the greatest ever regardless of the fucking Holidays)

3. It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946

(Because everyone loves it. It’s a classic and still makes you all warm and squishy inside)


2. Elf – 2003

(Because Will Ferrell. And there like number one, this movie has so many memorable quotes it’s ridiculous)

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – 1989

(Don’t even argue with me. This movie is a classic and has the most memorable sound bytes on the list, according to me and most of my family/friends, plus the scene below is just awesome)

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