The Dawn Of Robotic Hospitality

abiti su misura Imagine a world where your favorite local pay-per-hour motel will no longer judge you for bringing your latest lady of the night for a fun romp. Why, you may ask? There will be robots running the joint of course. And as we all know, robots are void of emotion and thus could care less about your moral indiscretions.

femme cherche homme a Besançon If you live in Japan, this dream may soon be a very real and very cool reality. There is a hotel being built there that will be primarily manned by robots (I suppose “manned” is not exactly the correct vernacular). The hotel, known as a Henn-na in Nagasaki will not be the first in Japan to feature machines at the front desk — many of Japan’s “love hotels” A.K.A. brothels, already feature an automated process to get to the lovely ladies, you can pay at a machine to get your room code thus giving the customer total indiscretion. Nonetheless, what makes Henn-na novel is the fact that they will be featuring humanoid robots. The hotel’s goal is to make you feel like the robots are almost human.

The company building the robots, Kokoro, already has 3 functioning “Actroids”. An actroid is an incredibly life-like robot. The company’s site has described one of the actroids, the “Actroid-DER1” in a rather awesome way:

*Emphasizes on its own realistic presence with smooth gestures.
*It has news hooks and high eye-catching effects.It can be utilized to play active parts for many occasions as a chairperson with fluent narrations and booth bunny.

I personally can’t wait to have a personal actroid booth bunny! I’m not sure what they mean by “news hooks” or “high eye-catching effects” but I’m sold.

The hotel is slated to open in July with 10 actroids and 10 humans but plans to be 90% robot staffed in the very near future. The hotel is being built within a popular theme park called Huis Ten Bosch which looks pretty amazing in an of itself!

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