Artist Showcase – Jessica Hempfling

Jan 26, 2017No Comments536 Views

As a brand new feature on Boomsy, we are showcasing artists from around the world that we think are awesome. This month we’re featuring Jessica

Haley’s Day of the Dead Pictorial

Jan 13, 2017No Comments371 Views

One of our favorite Boomsy Gals ever, of course, has always been the lovely (and classy) Haley. Here’s a pictorial we shot back on Halloween

Summer’s Epic Winter Pictorial

Jan 10, 2017No Comments414 Views

We first met Summer back in May 2016 and have enjoyed shooting with her multiple times ever since, watching her blossom into a pro model!

Featured Boomsy Gal – Zoe

Dec 30, 2016No Comments366 Views

This was a treat. A visit to my hometown of Chico, California and a chance to shoot with a gorgeous local model named Zoe; a

Kaitlyn’s Summer 2016 Pictorial

Aug 11, 2016No Comments135 Views

Check out Kaitlyn’s Summer 2016 Pictorial!

Boomsy Gal of the Month – Maria Bova ...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments336 Views

Check out Maria Bova, our Boomsy Gal of the Month for December 2015 and also Boomsy Gal of the Year for 2015. We’re so proud

Jen Kim Revisited, One Of Our All Time Favo...

Dec 01, 20141 Comment947 Views

Jen Kim was one of our first models. She knew about as much of Boomsy as we did. I was the photographer that day (I