Old Hollywood Photos – On Set – Volume 1 We’re huge movie buffs here at Boomsy and obviously love great, artistic photography so why not do a series of Old Hollywood Photos? With this volume we’re focusing on “set” photos; pictures taken of famous stars of film history while on set, sometimes in character and costume, and some of which almost look like stills from the movies themselves. At any rate, it touches on a nostalgic sense of class and artistic value many would argue no longer (or rarely) exists in the film industry today. These photos remind us of what Hollywood once was, and a style that seemed to connect all films, no matter the genre or the star. If you’ll notice, there’s an amount of craftsmanship in the sets, stages, costumes and an attention to detail in both the lighting of the set and the photographer’s capture of it from an onlookers point of view that remains artistic, even behind the scenes. In comparison to say a “reality” show or even behind the scenes footage of the latest blockbusters, the difference is undeniable. The years have most certainly lost something of great artistic value on the film industry, though on the brighter side, at least we have these photos forever to remind us of what’s possible, and hopefully inspire the oncoming, upcoming generations of artists, actors, directors, writers, producers, cinematographers and set designers. This is just volume one; many more are to come… zvacsenie prs cena 1. The Theif of Bagdad – 1924


2. The Unholy Three – 1930


3. Marlene Dietrich – Angel – 1937


4. Marilyn Monroe – The Misfits – 1961


5. Katharine Hepburn – Mary of Scotland – 1936


6. Jean Louis Trintignant – The Conformist – 1970


7. Henry Fonda – The Long Night – 1947


8. Dwight Frye – Frankenstein – 1931


9. Chorus Girls – Dancing Lady – 1933


10. Cary Grant – None But The Lonely Heart – 1944


11. Candace Hilligoss – Carnival of Souls – 1962


12. Bela Lugosi – Dracula – 1931


13. Audrey Hepburn – Funny Face – 1956


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