Music To Watch – Stefan Pruett


If Darkwave Pajama Pop doesn’t mean anything to you, it might very soon. Arizona native Stefan Pruett crafted the sound himself, mixing a delicious blend of 80s dream pop and punk sensibility into something fresh, dark and utterly danceable. His latest single “When You’re With Us” is a club bopper that would have fit in perfectly with the 1985 new wave scene, perhaps scoring its own forgotten “Tron” sequel.

Check it out for yourself below:

“I think of my music as a sleepover when you were kid,” says Pruett. “There’s a purity and effervescence to that get together with your friends. It’s a slumber party. It’s fun. That’s the pop side. But it’s at night, which to a kid is scary in and of itself. But there are also the secrets you tell, and stuff you do that might be a little titillating, a little dangerous, but seductive. That’s the tinge of darkness that creeps in.”

This intertwining of fun and darkness rests on the sleeves of “When You’re With Us” as it did for his debut single “Carefee.” The driving rhythm begs bodies to move, but the haunting melancholy of his voice still borders on the sinister. It’s a dynamic that would make Joy Division, Simple Minds and Tears for Fears proud – one we can expect to see more from this rising star.

So grab your pajamas and hit the dancefloor.

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