Mandy Pauline


We happily welcome Mandy Pauline to the Boomsy Gal family as we have just completed a very special pictorial featuring Mandy for PETA ( The photos will be coming soon along with a full interview/article on everything Mandy has been up to, from modeling to film production and being a professional stylist.

Photography by: Josh Stevenson
Makeup and Hair by: Jessica deBen

How long have you been modeling and what was your very first modeling gig?  I have been modeling for over a decade now.  My first modeling gig was just portfolio work for a student at MIT.  I pulled one of those tabs from a flyer hanging in Harvard Square.  Shortly after that, I shot a test for wrangler jeans. I didn’t get the job, but it opened my mind to things I never dreamed possible.  I started out just doing it for fun.  Finding out I could make money was a bonus.

What do you like better, modeling or acting, being stylist, producing (or something else perhaps)? I truly can’t pick one.  I just love to create, express and tell a story.

What is your main focus and career right now? My main focus right now is film.  I have taken a step back from being in front of the camera.  When I model, I am more of the canvas and sometimes the paint…being behind the camera, I get to be the painter.  I like having that control.

What are you working on that you’re excited about? I am working on quite a few films coming up as costume designer and line producer. I am really grateful to work for a fabulous team that is allowing me to grow into the producing side of things.  I just wrapped a film starring Michael Biehn and Tia Carrere called “The Girl”.  It was really intense.





How long have you been a vegetarian and what made you become one? I knew at a very young age that it was right for me.  As soon as I understood where my food was coming from, I began cutting things out one thing at a time.  It was a challenge as I grew up in a very meat heavy house where being vegetarian was not easy. I also have always loved music and was exposed as a teenager to the straight edge scene which really introduced me to the vegan lifestyle.

Do you have any thoughts on the famous Albert Einstein quote that “nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”? Do you think about vegetarianism that universally or is it more of a personal choice? I don’t want to get too into this one because it is never my intention to alienate or push my beliefs on someone else.  However, I do believe that a vegetarian lifestyle is the natural progression of evolution.  It is undoubtedly much better for the human body and the planet, not to mention all the lives we save.

Favorite meal in the entire world, whether it’s something you make, a friend or family member makes or at a specific restaurant? Yellow bell peppers stuffed with brown rice, broccoli, kidney beans, onions and topped with cheddar daiya.  It’s so simple but it’s my fave.

In your opinion, what defines a “pinup”? Is there a specific type or style that makes a pinup or is it quite simply a picture of a beautiful woman? When we think of pinup, we tend to think of that style in the 40s and 50s after the war and beginning the sexual revolution.  However, I think a pinup is just an exaggerated photo of a woman telling a story…whether it is about fun, silliness, sexines, whatever, it has to be exaggerated. It’s like theatre in photography. That is why I love it. It’s so over the top.

What does Mandy Pauline do for fun? I work!  I create.  I do shoots and movies.  I love music and live for concerts.  I write, draw, paint and sew.  I read a lot.  I love to travel and I love to drive. I love to just get in my car, put my ipod on random and just drive around. I’m also a big random acts of kindness nerd.  Seriously, if you are ever in need of being cheered up just do something nice for a someone else.

I know this is a broad question, but what is your philosophy in general on life?  Be kind and spread love. Make art.




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