FALL COLORS IN CALI One thing I love about being a photographer is that you learn to see the world in a different way. My first year or two as a photographer taught me just that. I began to observe how objects were lit, and constantly tried to imagine how something would look on camera. Now my brain essentially works on autopilot, I am always scanning and looking for a great shot, always observing lighting and trying to understand and appreciate when something is lit exceptionally well. I more or less use my brain as the camera; however when I have my camera with me, I get to share a little piece of what I see with the world. Photography is more than just a passing hobby for me, it really embodies who I am and how I see the world. I hope that this collection of cool and colorful leaves will inspire someone out there to create something awesome. I had a blast taking these shots and I am incredibly happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!!! δονητεσ tree with yellow leaves
red leaves
 blurry leaves
abstract leaves
yellow leaves with sun poking through
yellow leaves on a blue sky
red leaves, blue sky, sun poking through

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