Cadillac Converj

When it comes to concept cars, we here at Boomsy are suckers. One of Cadillac’s most recent concept cars is a called the Converj, largely due to the fact that Cadillac knows just as well as anyone that replacing -ge with -j is just plain smart.

Cadillac Converj

There is also a belief that someone in the naming department over at GM thought Converj was Swedish for “looks incredibly similar to a hot wheels car” but that’s still just a rumor at this point.

Nevertheless, this beauty is a plugin hybrid based off the Chevy Volt Voltec platform. The power for the wheels come solely from the electric engine leaving the small 4 cylinder gas engine with the task of recharging the batteries when need be.

This is still a concept car, so much of the details are scarce but feel free to check out’s article about the car here for more info:


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