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Battling Robotic Cars Controlled by Your Smartphone!

We here at Boomsy are continually looking for the coolest gadgets money can buy and we just stumbled across a gem! Check out these little cars that are controlled by your smartphone and blends the best of technology with real world moving parts. You can battle your friends or go at it solo.
Yellow Robotic Car

The battle mode looks awesome, you can select weapons and have a Mario Kart style battle royal. The weapons are virtual but have an actual affect on the way the competitors cars drive (if you hit another car with a fake weapon, it makes the real car spin out…sort of like the Matrix). You can even upgrade the cars to have an edge on your friends.



We here can’t wait to get our hands on a set!

Check out more via their Amazon page:


DISCLAIMER — if you watch the video on their amazon page, you will quickly realize that they are marketing this to kids…we frankly don’t care and still want a set. We feel like this would be an awesome addition to any man cave!!!

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