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As a brand new feature on Boomsy, we are showcasing artists from around the world that we think are awesome. This month we’re featuring Jessica Hempfling of Seattle, Washington who began painting in 2011 and has made it her life’s passion! We got a chance to interview her and feature her art.

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silikonové prsní implantáty What are your earliest memories creating art? How old were you?

Earliest memories that I have is when I was in kindergarten I told my teacher that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I then told my parents every year for Christmas, and birthdays that I’d like new sharpies, tape, markers, empty cardboard boxes, canvases and anything that I could use to create to entertain me for hours, even days. I was an easily entertained and creative child but did tend to get in trouble a few times as a kid due to me staying up all night till early mornings wrapped up in whatever I was creating and would fall asleep with markers and sharpies that would stain my bed, carpet, furniture, you could say my mom was not really thrilled with that.

When and how did you realize you loved making art and wanted to be an artist?

Again I’d say kindergarten or as early as I could pick up a writing utensil and use it. I honestly don’t ever recall in my life when I didn’t want to be an artist. My brain has always just been wired in the art direction.

Did you have any favorite artists growing up?

I’d say Alex Grey I am in love with his artwork, the details, the colors. His paintings always blew my mind.

Who are your biggest artistic inspirations and why?

Chris Morphis , like I mentioned in my bio he played a huge role in my life. He was my mentor and I looked up to him and still do to this day, one of the most amazing individuals I’ve met. Beautiful mind and soul, and fantastic artist, every time I see his art I immediately want to get up and start working on a new painting.

Do you see other artists’ styles in your work? If so who? And why do you think that is?


Ummm thats a good question. I’m not sure. I look on pinterest, instagram, and stumble upon at other artists work its always fascinating to see how many amazing artists there are in this universe and what style each present. I’m sure I’ve ran across a few artists here and there where I’m saying to myself hmmm they have a similar style to me but I don’t recall any of the artists names unfortunately 🙁 . I believe that each artist originally learns A style of painting from who ever they learn from then as time goes on they tweek something here or something there till that artist finds that style they are satisfied with but initially there’s still going to be a little bit of that original style in there.
Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years and how might that relate to art and your artistic career?

So I see myself traveling with a truck and a trailer all over exploring, creating memories, connecting with people, just living, painting and taking in what beauty this life has to offer. That relates to art on so many levels, and as for my artistic career, I’d love nothing more that to wake up in the morning, go outside see some breathtaking view, have a cup of tea or coffee in one hand and a paint brush in the other, taking in the smell of nature and painting my heart out and being able to sell my pieces to inspired people who then inspire someone else creating a chain reaction.

You mentioned learning about lucid dreams. Have you tried painting what you see in your dreams? Or do dreams have an effect on your work?


Both. I have a dream journal I actually keep under my pillow with an amethyst crystal and first thing in the morning I’ll write out my dreams and what I saw and I’ll either try and recreate that dream or I’ll pick ideas from them. My dreams are very whimsical so that also effects the way I paint as well.

Do you implement any deep passions or feelings or opinions into your work, whether or not they are obvious?

Yes. Sacred geometry, symbols, specific colors I use to set a mood or feeling, certain lines I use to portray the balance of masculinity or feminine. Deep passions absolutely. Some paintings I created super simple as well to let the mind wonder, create and reflect what they feel themselves. Eye of the beholder.

If you were offered $100 Million for one of your paintings or the chance to paint for free and live for free for the rest of your life, with no certainty of conventional success from it, which would you take?

Hands down no questions asked I’d paint for free and live! 🙂 the feeling of painting live is incredible and euphoric. You interact and connect with people, the painting, and the live music. Everything comes together in the perfect balance that u get taken away in the moment and all the vibes. Not enough words to describe the feeling.

What is your favorite painting (or drawing) you have ever done and why?

I’d say I have 2 favorites. First one being the om symbol with the endless rainbow flower design on it and the reason is I’m obsessed with the 7 chakras and the colors of the rainbow and at the time I was painting it I was so incredibly happy some things in my life where changing for the good and every time I looked at the painting I just would feel how happy I was and it immediately transforms my mood to the way I felt painting it. 2nd one being the “Free Your Mind” painting, there’s a lot of meaning behind it and I feel that everyone should free there mind from whatever stresses, anxiety, pain or however you choose to perceive the painting. Its a powerful message and looks really cool as well lol.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Alex grey. His artwork is fantastic full of life, color, consciousness, and detailed. He is incredible.

When you paint, if by yourself, take us through the process? Is there a certain type of music you put on in the background, a glass of wine, etc?

Hmmm the process. Usually my man is there and I’ll paint while he does some reading and that’s our “me time” First off I get comfy, kick off the shoes and put of a hoody because I’m usually always cold. I get which brushes I’m going to use, put out all my paints so I can physically see each color. I sit down relax on the floor and meditate for about 10ish minutes. Some days I’ll smoke a bowl and some days I’ll drink beer or wine which also determines the music I listen to during the painting process. I listen to all sorts of music, I have a wide variety, I could one day be listening to some EDM like Arty, Arman Van Burren, Avicii, Edward Maya, on other days it’s Trevor Hall , The Doors, Slightly Stupid, Frank Sanatra and Alt-J. When I’m missing Galveston, Texas I listen to reggae and when I’m missing my home town its 90s country. I will say my favorite to listen to is Lindsey Stirling, my all time dream would to paint live to one of her shows but anywho I listen t’all that in my B.A. awesome noise canceling headphones, I like to be surrounded the the music and get really into whatever song while I paint. I’ll paint for 12 hours depending on what I’m painting with 10-20 minute breaks throughout, I just get so locked and sucked into the painting that I don’t realize what time it is or how late it is. I’d say that’s pretty much the process.

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