Top Ten Herb Ritts Photos

10 Best Herb Ritts Photos

uomo cerca donna Catania This is a tough selection to make because Herb Ritts is something of a hero to me. When I started my photographic journey, a friend and mentor of mine turned me on to this prolific photographer. I remember the first time I looked up his photos, they absolutely blew me away. I have always loved his simplistic lighting set ups that create such an amazingly dynamic look. I read an article a while back from a one time assistant of his that described her first day with Ritts. She said that Ritts was shooting with a young Kevin Spacey and all he was using for a light source was a single light with an umbrella that created a Renoir lighting style. Many modern photographers, especially the ones who love there many many lights, would scoff at a one light set up, but that was Ritts’ style. He loved using simplicity to bring out a myriad of complexities. I personally, am still heavily influenced by Ritts and pride myself in utilizing natural light, especially unfiltered sun light as much as possible. One of my most memorable times as a photographer was when on a camping trip to Joshua Tree, I was shooting a portrait of a friend and an onlooker asked to see the picture I took. I showed him the back of the camera and he said, “wow, you really have a Herb Ritts thing going on”. I still vividly remember that and continually tip my cap to this legend of a photographer. With that, let’s start the list.

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10. “Veiled Head”, Joshua Tree, 1988herb-ritts-tatjana-veiled-head-joshua-tree-1988b

9. Neith With Tumbleweed, 1986herb-ritts-neithwithtumbleweed

8. Madonna, Before The British Accentherb-ritts-madonna-2

7. Wrapped Torso, Los Angeles, 1989herb-ritts-wrappedtorso

6. Tony with Body Mask, Joshua Tree, 1985herb-ritts-desert5. Christy Turlington, Hollywood, 1988herb-ritts-christy-turlington4. Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood, 1989Herb-Ritts-DjimonwithOctopus

3. Now and Zen, El Mirage, 1989herb-ritts-nowandzen1

2. Ferre 3, Cindy Crawford, Malibu, 1993herb-ritts-vogue

1. Versace Dress, Cindy Crawford, El Mirage, 1990herb-ritts-cindy-crawford

uomo cerca uomo Genova If you want to see more of his prolific work, check out or simply google image his name, that’s usually what I do!

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