Fizzics Beer System – Draft Taste From Store Bought Beer

For centuries now, people have enjoyed bottled beer in the privacy of their own homes and at parties with friends and family, however deep inside ourselves, we’ve always wished that bottle of beer could have the same awesomeness as draft


Rich People Fun – Zero Gravity Flight

A long time ago I remember seeing that the majority of the film Apollo 13 was filmed in a zero gravity flight, which essentially flew down and up at a certain parabolic art to provide the experience of weightlessness inside


February 2016 – Boomsy Gal Appreciation Month – Part 1

Because we hate doing the same thing every time, and are addicted to trying new things as often as possible, we thought we’d change things up a bit this year. Since it’s February, the month of love, and since we


Featured Boomsy Gal – Gabby

We had the pleasure of meeting this spunky, happy-go-lucky girl in Vegas not long ago and not only is she a beautiful, rising model, she’s hilarious and fun to be around! Check out her first Boomsy pictorial below, hopefully with


Cool Stuff – Brainiac Central Car Computer

Let’s face it, we all kinda wish our car was more like Kit in Knight Rider, and if we don’t, we’re lying. Every car would be a little cooler if it was more like Kit, and the only way it


Cool Gadgets – Teslasuit – Feel What You Play (Video Games)

The future is now…again. Long lost are the days when we had to stand for hours in front of a giant cartoonish video game box towering over us, pumping in quarters and filling up on slushies at the “arcade” (oh


Tequila You Should Know – Tres Cuatro Y Cinco

Made from 100% pure weber agave, this tequila is being grown and produced by the Foneca family in the Jalisco region of Mexico. It is currently being produced by the fourth generation of the family using extra anejo derived from


Cool Stuff – JB9 Personal Jetpack

For those of us who have always wanted to be a superhero or a super-spy at least once or twice, whether or not we fully admit that to the general public, friends or family—this is the toy for us. The


Cool Stuff – Customizable Design Shoes

This is just awesome and needs little explanation. This recently funded indiegogo campaign gives you the power to instantly design your shoe from your smart phone, live. Yes, that’s right! A shoe that you can design with your phone in




Featured Boomsy Gal – Gabby

We had the pleasure of meeting this spunky, happy-go-lucky girl in Vegas not long ago and not only is she


Miranda’s Winter Pictorial

One of our favorite Boomsy Gals (and Miss October 2015) is back with a winter pictorial. There’s nothing quite like


Victoria – High Fashion Pictorial

Here she is, the Queen of Boomsy herself, back again, this time in a “high fashion” pictorial we did not


Boomsy Gal of the Month – Jessica – January 2016

Happy New Year to the entire world! What better way to bring in 2016 with one of the most beautiful